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Dc Earth Fault Locator

Dc Earth Fault Locator
Dc Earth Fault Locator
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Product Code : DC 663M
Product Description

The TAURUS DIGITRACE DC 663M is a dedicated DC earth fault locator which continuously monitors the floating DC control system online.The DIGITRACE DC 663M simplifies the tracking of ground faults on DC floating system in power station especially in huge thermal station where the control cables run for very long distance. The DIGITRACE DC 663M gives audio visual indication of faulty feeder as and when the fault happens on the DC control system. DC Earth Fault Locator also called as Battery Ground Fault Locator. Its an intelligent sensing system, precisely, instantaneously identifies and tracks the complex faults of any DC floating system.

DIGITRACE DC 663M  locates the fault easily in the charged conditions and pin-points the fault location. Our system is useful in any industry where supply of power for operating measurement, communication and control equipment is critical.

DIGITRACE DC 663M  is capable of locating and pin-pointing Earth faults ON- LINE in floating DC system without switching off any of substation feeders/circuits. Its only system capable of finding the troublesome point of cable mixing in dual battery system.

DIGITRACE DC 663M  is an auto-calibrated system comprising of one main unit: housing transmitter and receivers and 8/16 Probes emanating from the main unit is clamped on the out going feeders. The system being a compact kit connected to the DC bus. Its highly sensitive equipment which will locate all faults including high resistance (upto 400kΩ) in the floating DC system.


1.   DIGITRACE DC allows tracking and locating of ground faults on live or dead battery systems.
2.   Dedicated System: The system is connected to DCDB permanently. 18 cables (or its multiples) are monitored. As and when the fault happens, the LED on the system indicate the faulty feeder.
3.   Fault Indications: Once the fault in DC system is sensed it is indicated instantaneously by a set of LED (for each feeder) and voltage meter which indicates whether the fault is in positive or negative. In main unit LED light is provided one for each feeder which will help in fault indication, if a probe senses any fault in an particular feeder than the corresponding LED to that feeder will start blinking.
4.   Fault Location : Using portable handy receiver unit, conceptualized for sensing and tracking all type of faults in DC floating system.
5.   Fault Tracking : The portable receiver unit will then guide the user to the exact point of fault on the cable.
6.   Higher Return on Investment : With its remarkable capability to sense and track all type of faults in DC floating system under any challenging situation, DIGITRACE can locate faults faster, accurately and more precisely than any other systems.


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